National Oil Corporation (NOC)

  • The company was established under law no. (6) In 1974, a union joint stock company between the states of the Arab Union, with a share capital of 10 million dinars. The law gives the company the flexibility to work as a private company thus shortening the decision chain.
  • AUCC enjoys great reputation of constructing housing units, hospitals, hotels, educational buildings, utilities, roads and other similar contracting works.
  • In addition to investing its resources in manufacturing building materials, engaging in import and export operations and other commercial and manufacturing works relating to AUCC field of activities.
  • In the field of manufacturing building materials, AUCC owns the Al Burj Cement Plant which consists of two production lines.
  • In addition, AUCC owns other plants producing goods such as prestressed beams, ready-mix concrete, hollow cement blocks and all types of crushed aggregates.
  • The National Oil Corporation (NOC) was established on 12 November 1970 replacing the general Libyan Petroleum Corporation to assume the responsibility of the oil sector operations. It was later reorganized to undertake the delivery of the objectives of the development plan in the areas of petroleum , supporting the national economy through increasing , developing and exploiting the oil reserves and operating and investing in those reserves , to achieve optimum returns
  • Therefore, NOC is carrying out exploration and production operation through its own affiliated companies, or in participation with other companies under service contracts or any other kind of petroleum investment agreements
  • NOC also owns national service companies which carry out oil well drilling and work over operations, provide all drilling material and equipment, lay and maintain oil and gas pipelines, build and maintain oil and gas storage tanks and carry out related technical and economic studies
  • In the area of manpower development, NOC provides the oil industry with qualified nationals within a well planned scheme founded on a base of educational and training institutions, for training and developing qualified manpower in such professions as engineering , accounting and administration